Mulching is very important agricultural practices. It helps in moisture conservation especially in rainfed areas or water deficient areas.

Significance of Mulch

The mulch ensures sufficient moisture in the field.

This moisture helps in better and healthy crop growth. This way the crop plant is strong enough to compete with the growing weeds .This creates a situation where the weeds are control naturally.

Weeds in field
     Weeds in field

Types of Mulch

The mulch are of 2 types :-

The organic mulch includes the crop residues, the plant waste, the fruits and vegetable parts. The much helps in moisture conservation. The organic mulch after decomposition will add nutrients to the plant. This way use of organic mulch has an added advantage of improving soil health.

Mulch in field
                        Mulch in field

Use of inorganic mulch like black polythene increases the soil temperature that kills the weeds and its seeds. It also kills the dormant stage of the weeds.

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