Stall Feeding 

Stall feeding for better feed use efficiency is now being realized. It is an important factor in ensuring adequate quantity, quality and nutrition to the milch animals. It even prevents the wastage of the animal feed. The better use efficiency of the animal feed can be ensured through stall feeding.

Stall feeding ensures that the animals to be kept inside the shed or house as per their age, sex, weight and breed. Further it ensures to keep away the animals from grazing outside. Inside the shed or house, the animals are cared and are given controlled feed to have better growth and development of the animals.

stall feeding
stall feeding

Stall fed farming system is gaining popularity day by day. Better profit, fast growth, adequate care etc. are some main advantages of stall feeding farming system. It has other advantages compared to traditional farming system.

Originally posted 2017-12-27 11:05:41.