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Organic labels- A consumers satisfaction for health

Organic labels Organic produce goes through process of Organic certification. Organic certification ensures that there is no use of chemicals in the whole production process...

Soil structure and its significance in Watershed management

Soil structure is the arrangements of soil particle and its aggregation in to soil mass .An understanding of soil structure is prerequisite in managing...

Modern Intensive Agriculture and Sustainability

Modern intensive agriculture Modern intensive agriculture is characterized by prolonged use of chemical fertilizers that resultsĀ  soils in low organic matter. As an effect of...

Understanding the Micro flora for Sustainability

Understanding the Micro flora for Sustainability Let's go through and understand the Micro flora of soil with reference to its significance in Soil sustainability Oxygen : The...

Priority in Watershed Management

What is the Priority of Watershed Management Managing soil or Water ?? The 2 Natural resources viz. Water and Soil ,both are the Vital components of...