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Application of IT in watershed

Information Technology (IT) –A tool for Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture is back bone of India. With time, the reality is changing. Given an option the farmers are ready to quit agriculture is a...

Online Agribusiness

Online Agribusiness - off line marketing Online Agribusiness is the recent trend that is making progress with leaps and bounds. Some new investor goes for on...

Efficient Watershed Management through IT (Information Technology) Part-II

Android technology is playing a major role in monitoring the system. Here I will discuss how we can monitor the fields . We already known...

Watershed Management- Significance of M-Agribusiness and E-Agribusiness

E-Agribusiness refers to marketing the agriculture product or services, buying, selling, distributing and servicing agriculture products or services on internet. In e-agribusiness  electronic applications...

DSS(Decision support system ) in watershed Management:

"To  make healthy watershed means smiling farmer and healthy life"   For effective watershed management and expert judgment to solve practical problems. GIS  technology all...

E commerce approach towards E Agribusiness for Watershed evolution

E Agribusiness -E commerce approach Some learning about Agribusiness: sustainable agriculture to sustainable agribusiness a journey through watershed management agribusiness under umbrella of watershed management PART-I What is E...