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Agribusiness can be expanded efficiently through E-commerce


E-commerce in the agribusiness sector has a great future

The emergence of e-commerce in the agriculture/agribusiness sector has a great future. However it is at a stage where it is walking slowly on the ladder due to various numbers of factors. Information technology (IT) friendliness is one the main factor .Both the producer/farmers and consumers has to adopt Information technology as an important business tool for Agribusiness growth. Use of internet is a step forward in way of adopting Information technology. This way the producer can explore the wide size of market. This will provide an opportunity to reach potential market and not just to premium /local markets. This way in no time the agribusiness can be expanded efficiently through E-commerce

ladder of ecommerce
ladder of ecommerce

“In Emilia-Romagna (Northern Italy), only about 3, 000 agricultural firms have access to the Internet (less than 3%) and only 770 (about 0, 7%) connect on a regular basis (ISTAT, 2000). Similarly to other areas in the world, the adoption of the Internet technology in the region is still limited in spite of existing public incentives (Kuhlmann and Brodersen, 2001; Prati, 2002; Sarracco, 2002). This study illustrates the results of a survey among agriculture and agribusiness firms, aimed at understanding the EC implementation level and its motivations, features and strategies, together with expectations about its future development and the successful strategies followed by EC adopters. The survey was carried out in Emilia-Romagna during 2002 and was based on an analysis of a sample of web sites “



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