Weed and its impact on crop

Weed and its impact on crop

Weeds compete for sun light, water and nutrient with crop. Hence it has adverse impact on growth of crop. Some of the impacts are-

  • Reduce the production of main crop in field.
  • It not only reduces the production but also reduce the quality
  • It also harbor the pest and disease

Impact of Weed on Crop 


weed and crop
          crop                                   weed
  • The use of manual weeding for uprooting the weeds requires labour. It further adds to input cost.
  • The controlling of weedicides with chemicals also requires labour.
  • The chemicals used as weedicide in weed control adds to environmental pollution .The pond water near agriculture field get polluted by the mixing of chemicals with irrigation water. The fish and other aquatic animals gets affected


Weed control is a great Challenge       

With time the consumers are more health conscious .They want healthy and safe food .The organic agriculture is the best solution. Under these circumstances, weed control without the use of chemical weedicides is a great challenge.

How to control the weeds

  • Prevent the weeds to enter the cropped area.
  • Make the crop strong enough to compete with the weeds
  • Controlling the weeds before it start its peak growth and development. i.e control weed growth before it become competitive for the crop.



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