Sustainable Agriculture to Sustainable Agribusiness -A Journey through Watershed Management

Watershed Management Plays a vital role in enhancing Agribusiness . Advances in science and technology has made Agriculture to enter in the era of Sustainable Agriculture. Now time has come to move a step ahead towards Sustainable Agribusiness. The Watershed Management provides a wider scope for sustainable Agribusiness. Watershed, in itself has integration of many Agriculture and allied sciences. Watershed Programme , creates an opportunity for all favorable conditions for Technical, Physical and financial  back up .From Agribusiness point view , it is tough to imagine any other congenial Management condition  other than watershed management that can give better thrust to Sustainable Agribusiness .Agribusiness can flourish well  under the umbrella of watershed management Watershed management. Various watershed Programme  has justified it too.




Agribusiness-A Linkage between in farm and off farm activity  

Agri business is off farm activity that infact begin as in farm activity . Watershed management  in its process manages the in farm activity and hence give further  thrust to  off farm activity. That’s how it  opens and  subsequently widens  better avenues in  agribusiness. Agribusiness is concerned with making profits in business through agriculture . In farm  production of agriculture inputs and its efficient management can cut down the cost of production and hence help in making better  profits in Agribusiness .










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