AGRIBUSINESS – Under Umbrella of Watershed Management

Watershed Management mainly focus on the Water and Soil conservation . These two Natural resources are the back bone of the Agriculture sector . Various intervention of watershed management  is helpful in soil and water conservation

The soil conservation through watershed management  helps in keeping the top soil intact . Further ,the dugout ponds , trenches and percolation tank are important watershed interventions for  moisture conservation. Enhancing moisture in the soil is vital for the crop growth and development.

The  Agriculture terrace repair  helps to keep the soil intact .  Various water harvesting & extracting structure like Water storage  tank , Village pond, irrigation  channels  etc  helps to  enhance the availability of water for  irrigation . This way help the farmers in converting the rainfed area in to irrigated area. The harvested & stored water in water harvesting structures helps to provide life saving irrigation and supplemental irrigation.

Agribusiness Related with Watershed
  Agribusiness Related with Watershed

The controlled flow of water is important in any watershed . Any gushing flow of water can cause immense damage to watershed and hence to the Cropping area of Agriculture.

The diversion drain, as one of the important intervention of watershed management allows a  safe discharge of the water through the watershed area . This way prevents the  losses to the standing Agriculture crop in field .

Watershed Management as an Umbrella Activity
Watershed Management as an Umbrella Activity

The check dam  in the similar way helps in control flow of water. The trenches has  2 ideal conditions for better cropping and hence acts as fertile bed for crops first it has nutritive top soil and secondly it has moisture .

All these intervention are managed in watershed under the umbrella of watershed management. This way there is an effective  increase in Agriculture  and allied production. The increase in production  helps the farmers to make profitable income through Agribusiness. This in turn help in better production. Further, the in-farm production of farm inputs like Certified seeds , Vermicompost and other Organic inputs  through various watershed intervention in a watershed programme helps to cut down the cost of production .This way enhance the efficiency and profitability  in Agribusiness.

Along with getting a back ward linkage support , the watershed management avails the opportunity for  market linkages and effective & viable supply chain management in the benefit of  farmers, Thus providing an opportunity for forward linkages too. This way the farmers can get better value of their harvested  produce.

Agribusiness has proved to be one of the most effective watershed component for enhancing the livelihood opportunities in watershed programme. Indeed, there is vast scope and opportunities  for an effective & Sustainable Agribusiness under the Umbrella of Watershed management

sustainable agriculture to sustainable agribusiness -A Journey through Watershed Management




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