Online Agribusiness

Online Agribusiness

Online Agribusiness – off line marketing

Online Agribusiness is the recent trend that is making progress with leaps and bounds. Some new investor goes for on line business. Other market players continue their off line marketing along with on line marketing.

Popularity of online Agribusiness

Use of internet and on line shopping has given an opportunity for the agribusiness market player to switch over to online trading

Online Agribusiness –requirement
                                                       Online Agribusiness   –  requirement

Mistakes done by investor in online Agribusiness

  1. Most of the investor invests much on creating an attractive website for display of products
  2. Failure to focus on creating sufficient stock of produce /products.

Challenges in online Agribusiness

Once the on line market is on, there can be high demand of produce displayed in online basket. So it is important to have sufficient stock. So, apart from creating an attractive and informative website about produce in basket, 3 things are important

  1. Quantity of produce/product in stock
  2. Quality
  3. Regularity of supply to consumer end

In absence of fulfilling the demand especially in terms of timely supply of required quantity, the buyers/consumers fail to show further interest. This way the company starts moving away from the market.


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