What is watershed

1)Know more about Watershed

2)Meaning of Watershed in a simple way


  • Watershed is defined as a Geo-hydro logical unit from which water drains out from a common point.
  • The Watershed boundary is called the drainage divide.
  • Large watersheds are sometimes referred to as river basins.


Classification of watershed  as per stream order

  • Micro watershed (3rd and 4th stream order*)
  • Sub-Watershed (5th stream order*)
  • Watershed (6th stream order*)
  • Catchment (7th stream order*)

 *depends on delineation

What is Watershed Management ?

Watershed management is an integrated approach to manage and  maximum  development of land, water and plant resources to meet the basic needs of  the local community in a sustainable manner.


 principle of  Watershed Management

  •  community participation in
  • planning
  • implementation
  • monitoring 
  • and maintenance of common asset.


Benefits of Watershed Management

  •  aquifer recharge, controlling floods, reducing erosion
  • Increase in water discharge of natural water resources.
  • Increase in  productivity per unit area
  • Increasing cropping intensity.
  •  ecological balance , sustainability
  • Community participation  strengthening
  • Increase in income of the community .



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