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Potential Market -a big challenge for Agribusiness


A fine Agribusiness planning confined to search and invest in potential market. Biggest thing with market is its being variable & volatile. It changes very frequently. Judging and understanding the market is one of the priorities for successful business.

In any agribusiness, there should be minimum gap between planning and execution to avoid any change that significant effect your business.

Potential Hill produces –in search of potential market
Potential Hill produces –in search of potential market

Some time business planning wing takes long time in   launching a product. As an effect a parallel products is launched in mean time. This way the effectiveness and value of the product in pipe line gets affected. Production of fruit juice with nutritious aloevera blending is one such example.

No doubt Market changes very frequently. With changing time, surety of assured market is the need of hour especially for the sustainability of business. It is wise to create potential market along with continuing the business with exiting potential markets.

Potential market in context of Hill Agriculture

In hills of Uttarakhand, there are possibilities and opportunities for creating potenti

Floriculture –to tap potential market
Floriculture –to tap potential market

al markets for local crops. Some of them are:-


  • Finger millet
  • Barnyard millet
  • Amaranthus
  • Local strains of Maize
  • Wild apricot
  • Malta(Citrus)
  • Lemon grass( Aromatic oil)
  • Floriculture

How to create potential market for Niche products of hills

  • Create awareness among the consumers about nutrition quality of the produce
  • Create interest among primary stake holders/farmers for cultivation of these niche products
  • Focus on road connectivity & Transport
  • Provide market channels and supply chain


Malta fruits in Uttarakhand hills- a potential produce for new products in market
Malta fruits in Uttarakhand hills- a potential produce for new products in market


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