Watershed Management & its Integration with disciplines

Watershed in itself is Combination of many disciplines. The integration of all these disciplines give a final shape in success of watershed management. These disciplines includes:
1. Agronomy
2. Horticulture
3. Soil Science
4. Fisheries
5. Animal husbandry
6. Agribusiness & Marketing
7. Agriculture Extension & Communication
8. Plant Science
9. Environmental Science
10. Hydrology
11. Forestry
12. Information Technology
13. Plant Physiology
14. Plant Pathology
15. Genetics and Plant breeding
16. Agriculture Physics
17. Agriculture Chemistry and other allied branches

What’s the individuality of Watershed Management

In Watershed Management, the integration with almost all agriculture disciplines is its beauty and that infact is it integrated individuality . In other Sense, it keeps all the agriculture and allied branches intact and this way the integrated and combined effect can be seen in managing a Watershed .
It is important to deal with all these disciplines. A holistic approach is much needed for Watershed Planning . The integration with many disciplines provided much needed thrust in holistic approach .

What is watershed??

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