Agriculture – A business or business of loss ?

Agriculture – A business or business of loss ?

Earlier the farmers use to have good production with whatever resources were available to them .The farmers had better understanding of integrated use of available resources and hence had done judicious use.

But scenario has changed a lot .At present the input cost is increasing and still the farmers are not getting desired production

That’s a matter to think about !!!
That’s a matter to think about !!!

More spending on Agriculture inputs and getting limited production is making most of us to think –Agriculture a business of loss


Agriculture –business of loss
Is it really a business of loss?

Certainly not! Agriculture is not a business of loss. Rather it is a booming business 

The fact is that excessive use of chemical pesticides in agriculture field has been in practice since a decade. It is in want of quick and more returns. The farmers, after green revolution also got good result of using chemical pesticides. It addressed the food security.

But biggest setback of using chemical pesticides is that in long run the farmer fails to get a sustainable production.

Farmer knows but still is not in a position to accept the reality that excessive use of chemical has already ruined the soil health. Further addition of chemicals will certainly not be effective rather it will increase the input cost and will not enhance the production.

The story not stops here; too much use of chemicals has increased the resistance of the insect pest. Even spraying with same chemicals is not hindering their life cycle.Rather the ill effects are seen in form of death of beneficial insects.

Chemicals in Agriculture
                                                                                   Chemicals in Agriculture

Death of beneficial insects is accompanied by residual effects of chemicals in food resulting in serious health hazards in human being.


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