Agriculture Advance Estimate

Agriculture advance estimate for food grain production for the cropping year ending June 2017 has been raised by the govt. as a result of good rains

The Agriculture ministry’s fourth agriculture advance estimates of major crop pegged food grain production at 4.01% more (i.e. 275.68 million tonnes) than the previous record set in 2013-14.

Agriculture advance estimate –Status

    • The first Agriculture advance estimate was issued in September 2016
    • The Second Agriculture advance estimate was issued in February 2017
    • The third Agriculture advance estimate was issued in May 2017
    • The fifth & final Agriculture advance estimate will be announced in December or January

Good rainfall and policy initiatives

Good rainfall and policy initiatives by Govt. has resulted in a record food grain production in current year .This was the view expressed by the Agriculture ministry

Production figure

The govt. estimated the rice production figure to have reached the mark of 110.15 mt in 2017 higher than the previous record of 106.65 mt achieved during 2013-14.The wheat production figure is 98.38mt higher than the last year figure of 92.29 mt. Coarse cereals production figure is estimated at 44.19mt , the highest in a decade . The government has put cotton production figure at 33.09 million bales, an increase of 1.57% over the third agriculture advance estimate
Production  figure of sugarcane is estimated 0.23% higher wit production figure of  306.72 mt,.

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