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Agriculture Production not just sufficient for addressing food security


Agriculture Production

Agriculture Production is prerequisite for addressing food security .But its distribution and availability at right place and right time is must for ensuring food security.Production and its distribution are just like 2 sides of a coin .Time has come to realize the significance of both sides of the coin.

production and distribution  

Efficient distribution channels : food security

The distribution of the produce includes the market networks and logistics .There is many pockets where production is good but most of the time fails to have efficient distribution channels. Horticulture sector is one such sector where inspite of good production there is huge post harvest losses due to poor storage and proper distribution networks.

For enhancing the efficiency of the produce .Followings are required:

  • Proper collection

  • Proper storage

  • Proper packing

  • Proper Logistics

  • Proper Marketing networks

In horticulture sector, cold storage is used mainly for potato and not as such for other horticulture produce.  It is not that the cold storage facility is not required for horticulture produce other than potato. The fact is that the significance of cold storage for other horticulture produce has not been worked out properly.

Hence, Proper distribution along with better production can address the food security

please refer     for descriptive note on food security.


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