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Climate change and its responsibility – Are we responsible


Are we responsible for climate change!

Are we responsible for climate change? A lot of people will be agreeing to it. yes, it’s true. but at the same to time, we should not forget that we also believe in the statement that change is the way of life. Can we think why we accept this statement?

While thinking deeply, we can understand that Time never remains the same. As the life moves, the ideas get generated in human brain. These generated ideas on execution results in change. So, change is obvious. we can trace these changes right from human civilizations to modern age. So, it will be unfair to blame some body for climate change.

climate Change

Parallelly, it will not be wise to debate on Changes to be good or bad. Similarly, a debate on constructive development or destructive development also meaning less. Rather the crux is that change is biggest truth of life (and hence probably the change is always link with life in the statement – change is way of life) 

Have we taken steps for climate change?

Climate has taken a step towards change. But Have we taken steps for the climate change? What change after all is required in us. Mitigate the effect of climate change is the need of the hour. The change certainly should not be for nullifying the effect of Climate change.

Why not to go for nullifying the adverse effect of climate change?

The answer is that if we go for nullifying the adverse effect of climate change then we for sure has to compromise with associated benefits like industrialization and other developmental works.

Definitely, the development should not be compromised rather the adverse effect emerging out of developmental related works should be minimized. Say for instance – Construction of road, has some adverse effect. But it doesn’t mean we should stop the constructing roads. Rather we should go for mitigate the adverse effect and let the development work continue in the same pace.

“Much needed to be explored to mitigate the adverse effect of climate change”


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