Community Participation -Its necessity for Success

Community  Participation is must for success of developmental planning

The above statement is often use by the Watershed planner.

Is it true ? There can be 2 cases –


Say it is true . If it is true ,then Are the people living  in Cities  becomes a  part of participatory mode in planning for infrastructure developmental by Municipalities   in the cities.

Village level Community Participation ,Uttarakhand ,India
Village level Community Participation ,Uttarakhand ,India


Say it not true .If it is not true , then 2 question arises :-

1.How the planning are getting success without Community participation

  1. If a watershed planner residing in Cities is not the part of participatory mode in planning for infrastructure developmental by Municipalities  in the cities, then why or how can he  promote others in watershed management for participatory mode.

Justification /Clarifications

Actually, when Watershed planning  is done in rural or other remote areas the  participatory mode has to be followed because ,the village community are not much aware of the interventions or activity taken place in their areas .Under lack of awareness ,they can unknowingly destroy the activity . So, Until and unless the Village Community becomes a part of planning  participatory mode, it will be difficult to have success.

On other part in urban areas, the Urban planning as done by municipal corporation etc.are not done considering the participatory approach .The reason being ,the population residing in cites are  very much aware. They are having much awareness and understanding  for the developmental activities.   They are aware  of the intervention /activities or infrastructure  , their necessities  and their utilization potential   that are taken up by the govt bodies /municipal corporation .As they are aware about the developmental activities that are being taken up in their areas and also understand the significance of it  so, they will not destroy it .Ultimately ,the risk of damage (to created  infrastructure in Urban areas )  by human  is minimum.

So, in Urban planning  for example  planning in  cites for road and drainage channels etc , participatory mode is not an essential exercise whereas when we go for rural planning especially that too under watershed management , it is necessary to go for participatory planning .



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