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Irrigation channels in village watershed


In village watershed, irrigation channel is the life line of agriculture. Net works of irrigation channels can be seen scattered in agriculture field .These irrigation channels are connected from the source at one end and supply the water for irrigation to the agriculture field at other end. The assess of the irrigation water to the field of farmers are through the different out let in these irrigation channels.

Earthen irrigation channels in agriculture field
Earthen irrigation channels in agriculture field

Earlier the water from the source passes through an earthen irrigation channels. In this process, there were huge Seepage losses in the passage from source to agriculture field. Further the water was not being efficiently utilized. More over the Process is too long & time consuming. With interventions by various irrigation and watershed projects, the farmers are now having cemented irrigation channels.  These cemented irrigation channels has reduced the seepage losses and hence are quite effective in having an efficient use of water from the source.






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