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Management –Significance in Watershed Management


Significance in Watershed Management

Often we say Jal he jivan hae (water is life). The Water also causes huge disaster and takes away life .The hidden word that makes the water so significant for life is management. So, water is significant for life till the water is managed

Management, in Today’s time is a deciding difference between success and failure. Availability of technology and technical know how is a prerequisite for success of watershed management. But the availability of Technical know how is certainly not the guarantee for success .For example – in Agribusiness; the production is prerequisite but certainly not the guarantee for successful agribusiness, until and unless efforts are made to manage the marketing of the harvested produce.

Management –Significance in Watershed Management
Management –Significance in Watershed Management

Management is becoming an important factor in deciding the future of Watershed project .In many instance, the project fails to achieve the required outcomes and gets a setback just due to improper management.

Why Management is so important ?

  • The watershed projects are time bound
  • Quick decision has to be taken during execution
  • The need during the execution has to be reassessed and fulfilled accordingly

It’s the management which makes the marked difference in way to success. It’s not necessary that the project should have a huge budget to have success. The way the various steps and process are managed has the key role to play in success

  • Manage the time
  • Make a tentative road map
  • Standardized the work process
  • Go for Work Scheduling
  • Manage the Human resource
  • Set the Short term target along with long term target
  • Finalize the steps required to fulfill









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