Organized Marketing – Role in Watershed Management

In Watershed Management , it is important to make arrangements of livelihood for the people residing in  a watershed area .Of course! Watershed Management is concern more with managing the available Natural resources . However, for  Sustainability of Watershed Management , it is important that the livelihood of the people are addressed in proper way.

Agriculture Production and Marketing

Organized marketing is the need of the hour . In hills / remotes area of any Watershed , the economy is mainy based on Agriculture. With the  introduction of new technology and its adoption by the farmers  ,the agriculture production is making leaps and bound progress .

bulk production
Bulk production

The Production and Productivity is increasing. The main concern is the scope of livelihood through the  agriculture production .The increase in income through farm production can give real thrust to Farmers. Farmers are moving ahead to profitable agriculture from subsistence agriculture. The farmers are looking profits in farm production  and  hence  Agribusiness  is becoming significant  .




The big concern lies  in marketing of Agriculture produce. The necessity of Agribusiness component has opened the way for organized marketing .


Organized Marketing  -Its Significance

The organized marketing ,first of all ,provides an opportunity to the farmers to get organized . The farmers when gets organized, can go for collective farming / agriculture production in an organized way. The farmers can follow production of  similar kinds of crop with same variety thereby open the options for truck load produce . Collective marketing is being facilitated in an organized way of marketing. The bulk demand of any buyer can be easily fulfilled this way . The farmers gets an added advantage of better producer price realization .

organized production
organized production

Moreover , the  farmers produce, when moves in market become familiar by the place of production and gets a brand value. All this adds value to the produce  and produce become competitive . The marketing is a long run process . So, it is important to think  on sustainability of marketing .An organized marketing offer  sustainability to Agri based marketing.


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