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Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in Watershed Management


Monitoring and evaluation is an important aspect of Watershed management. Watershed development is successfully executed only when benchmarking is done and well defined indicators are developed prior to execution of the Watershed project.

Watershed development is based on participatory approach. The planning of the Watershed and its execution is done by participatory approach. Hence for monitoring and evaluation participatory mode is significant.Participatory monitoring and evaluation is the process in which the project beneficiaries and other stakeholders are involved in monitoring and evaluation of the project. It is in fact a social audit channelized through participation mode.

Participatory monitoring and evaluation help to know the status of execution of the planned intervention. It helps to know how far our objectives are being fulfilled.

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in Watershed Management
        Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in Watershed Management

The beauty of Participatory monitoring and evaluation is that the indicators are finalized through participation of villagers that too after a series of consultative village level meetings and workshop.Later the finalized indicators are used by the community for assessing the level of awareness w.r.t participation, transparency, social inclusiveness and other associated parameters.

Over all Participatory monitoring and evaluation can be taken as tool for increasing the awareness among village community particularly women in Watershed management.


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