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Significance of Check dam in Watershed


Watershed development needs various interventions for soil and water conservation. One such intervention in watershed development is the construction of check dam.

Check dam helps in slowing down the velocity of the moving water. It helps in increasing the time of concentration

The increase in time of concentration enables more time for the moving water to percolate down in to the ground. This way, it helps in recharging the ground water of the watershed area

Check dam also helps in building up of silt behind the check dam. A farm land can be created by retention of moisture and silt behind the dam. This farm land can be planted with forest tress, fruit trees or any other tress as per requirement after the rains.

Along with it, stone pitching as a watershed intervention can be made along the gentle slope in the check dam. For this, a small weir can be made to allow the excess water to flow in to narrow channel over gently sloping stone pitching .The silt will be collected behind the stone pitching .This way a good farm land for plantation can be created.

Check dam in a watershed area for soil and water conservation
Check dam in a watershed area for soil and water conservation


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