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Agriculture Technological Advancement – Significant Challenges


Technological Advancement in Agriculture & Allied Sector

Technological advancement in Agriculture & allied sector has given much thrust to increase the productivity and production. Since independence a lot of technological breakthrough has been registered under Agriculture and allied sector. The new technological advancement in Agriculture & allied sector is available for all stages of crop production right from sowing to harvesting of the crops. Farmers have increased their productivity and production by adoption of available technological advancement in Agriculture and allied sectors.  All this has strengthened the back bone of Indian economy.

Technological advancement and challenges faced by farmers in Agriculture
Technological advancement and challenges faced by farmers in Agriculture

Significant Challenges faced By farmers

Significant challenges faced by farmers are no more a hidden truth .Indian farmers, inspite of technological advancement in Agriculture & allied sectors are still facing some significant challenges. Most of the Farmers are not able to get profitable income from Agriculture and allied sector.

Committing suicide by the farmers in Maharashtra, Karnataka and other nearby states in India better tells the story of the significant challenges faced by them. The farmer’s condition is dwindling down. The farmers, given an option are ready to quit agriculture and happy to take up any black collar job. All this reflect the true story of significant challenges being faced by farmers

Pathetic Conditions of farmers

Pathetic conditions of farmers are existing in Agriculture and allied sectors. The farmers are not even able to cash the input cost .The cost of production is increasing but the production is not finding the profitable markets. All this are the contributing factor for the pathetic conditions of farmers. The input supply is better managed by the input supplier especially the seed supplier but the output chain is unmanaged and obviously not in a harmony with the input supply chain.

Such imbalances in input and output chain are responsible for the pathetic conditions of farmers.  In existing condition much has been done in production side but the monetization of the harvested produce is a still a big challenge. 

Agribusiness is a big challenge and it is becoming more challenging with climate change scenario. Hence it is important to realize the pathetic conditions of farmers so that appropriate steps can be taken to improve the farmer’s condition

Market intelligence in efficient supply chain management

Market intelligence in efficient supply chain management has big role to play to make the farmers aware of the potential buyers. This will ultimately helps in ensuring viable market linkages for sustainable agribusiness. Efficient supply chain management has the potential to address the existing problem in indian agriculture and allied sectors.

The basic problem lies in lack of better producer price realization by the farmers. In absence of efficient supply chain management, the farmers are bound to sell their produce at throw away prices to the buyer. All this can be checked through Market intelligence.

There is urgent need is to find all possible ways to increase the profitability in agriculture so that the farmers can increase their income. Market intelligence has to be taken up as a potential tool for efficient supply chain management.


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