Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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Integrated Farming System in Watershed Management – IFS

Integrated Farming System(IFS).. What is it? Integrated Farming system  is  farm management system which integrates different  means of Agriculture cultivation in a small space of...

Understanding the Micro flora for Sustainability

Understanding the Micro flora for Sustainability Let's go through and understand the Micro flora of soil with reference to its significance in Soil sustainability Oxygen : The...

Toria –Threshing

About Toria Toria is an oil seed crop .It is called as Rape seed. The scientific name is Brassica napus. The plant is vigorous and...

Chemicals In Agriculture For Green Revolution

Green Revolution and Use of Chemicals in Agriculture Green revolution and use of chemicals in agriculture has achieved good progress. This progress however, showed...

Six legged livestock in Agriculture

Six legged livestock Nature’s initiatives Nature’s initiatives in helping the human being to survive on earth are simply great. One such Nature’s initiative is the...

Tillage practices in Agriculture land

Tillage practices for land preparation Tillage practices for land preparation are followed in most part of the world. Tillage is done to prepare the...