Six legged livestock in Agriculture

Six legged livestock in Agriculture

Six legged livestock

Nature’s initiatives

Nature’s initiatives in helping the human being to survive on earth are simply great. One such Nature’s initiative is the Honey bee. Nature’s initiatives have once again in picture in the form of honey bee(Six legged livestock) that has indirectly benefitted the agriculture


Food is the basic need and hence Agriculture has significant role to play in human’s life. With increasing population there is much hue and cry for increasing the food production.

Six leg livestock and the four leg livestock

Six leg livestock and the four leg livestock has done much for enhancing the productivity and production of Agriculture. Six leg livestock i.e. honey bee and the four leg livestock i.e. cattle both has great contribution in agriculture .

The contribution of the four leg livestock through the direct benefits has been felt by all in agriculture community. The six leg livestock has also contributed since a long time to agriculture through indirect benefits. 

Honey bee boxes in the Agriculture farm
Honey bee boxes in the Agriculture farm

The honeybee helps in pollination and fertilization in plants by transporting the pollen grains to stigma thereby has given thrust to Agriculture production.  

Honey bees on the Honey bee box.
Honey bees on the Honey bee box

Component of Agriculture economy

Component of Agriculture economy has significant role in developing a whole economy. Honey bee is one such component of agriculture economy that has done thankless job without demanding any share in profit.

It has offers immense opportunity for farmers for increasing the productivity. Time has come to realize it by preventing the decline in honey bee population especially in agriculture farm through reducing the chemicals in Agriculture.

The role of Honey bee should be taken up seriously as one of the significant component of agriculture economy


Honey bee colony

The honey bee colony has queen, worker bees and male drones. There is one queen in a colony that has dominance in the bee colony.

In the honey bee colony, the Worker bees forage for pollen and nectar. They are female but are unable to produce fertilized eggs. Likewise in honey bee colony, there are drones.

They are male bee and their job is mating with the queen.

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