Covid19 Pandemic FPOs – Opportunity

Certainly , the outbreak of covid19 pandemic was at a coinciding point of harvesting of one season crop with sowing for next season crop. It was a tough time for the farmers

Seeing it from a glass of opportunity ,It can be realized that the covid19 pandemic offered a substantial opportunity for the farmers to integrate and adopt business approach.

It is significant to realize that adopting business approach is the most efficient and sustainable way to make an easy accessibility of agriculture produces to consumers along with strengthening the FPO’s

Producer organizations promoting institutions (POPI) has to play a key role in promoting and facilitating the formation of more FPO’s and further developing a business model.

Formation of FPO’s in form of cooperatives producer company and farmers federations and its further strengthening is much required to overcome any such unpredictable and undesirable outbreaks.

Such agribusiness approach is expanding through various government’s developmental projects and schemes.

Indian Agriculture need to continue such Agribusiness approach.

The saying……………………. “Necessity is mother of invention” can be better visualized as “Uncertainity is the motivator of exceptional solution.”

The ongoing uncertainity of covid19 pandemic offers substantial opportunity for the FPO’s /Cooperatives/Producer company/Farmers Federations to come upfront.


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