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Global Warming & Climate Change issues and Sustainable Ecosystem


Carbon and its role in Global warming & Climate change

Carbon and its role in Global warming and climate change is an important issue for discussion amongst the environmentalist, economist and policymaker. Carbon when present in excess in atmosphere is a big concern as its cause of Global warming and climate change .However, Carbon when present in soil is beneficial for the soil biodiversity and sustainable ecosystem  

Soil Carbon

Soil carbon is an important constituent of soil. In Biodiversity of soil, crop productivity, quality environment and sustainability of ecosystem, the soil carbon has a significant role to play. Soil carbon acts as nutritious food for the soil microorganism. Soil is an important food for Earthworm present in the soil. Soil containing carbon is helps in better growth of earthworm. Hence, Soil carbon management is essential for sustainability of soil health.

Atmospheric Carbon

Atmospheric Carbon is a big source of green house gases. Atmospheric Carbon in combination with oxygen forms carbon dioxide and it’s a green house gas that enhances the global warming and climate change. Atmospheric carbon should be incorporated in to the soil for controlling the global warming and climate change.  Excess of atmospheric carbon in atmosphere is a deteriorating factor of climate. Carbon sequestration is the need of the hour and has to be channelized in such a way that much of atmospheric carbon can be put in the soil.

Sink and Source Relationship

Sink and source relationship of carbon is significant in Global warming and climate change.  Atmosphere acts as a source and the Soil acts as sink.The Carbon from atmosphere (Source) via vegetation/biomass gets in to the soil (Sink). The effectiveness of this sink and source relationship will help in putting a check on the ongoing global warming and climate change in a big way.

Source –sink relationship & its significance in carbon management
Source –sink relationship & its significance in carbon management

Vegetation on Earth 

Vegetation on earth will help in adding biomass to the soil. Much of the carbon in atmosphere reaches the soil through this biomass. The significance of vegetation on earth is well justified .Hence, it is important to motivate the people to grow more vegetation on earth by ensuring more plantation.


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