Linking rivers -Time to Generate Water

Linking rivers -Time to  Generate Water

Linking rivers

Watershed Management mainly focus on how effectively the monsoon rain water can be stored and later on its utilization for various human requirements. In this practices, focus is on  constructing rain water harvesting structure  like Ponds ,Irrigation  tanks , Roof water harvesting tanks  etc.

With time the  climate change has even affected the monsoon rains .The monsoon rains are become so erratic that the efficiency of these structures  to harvest and store the water are dwindling down .The Structures that are constructed in a particular year some time are not able to effectively harvest the rain water effectively.

Linking Rivers
                                                                       Linking Rivers

Though the Water harvesting structures are constructed considering the  design frequency  of the structures . The last 4-5 years rain fall are to be considered while finalizing the structures .The climate is changing and so is the situation .The statistics of rain fall is changing  abruptly. Global warming and climate changing are  burning issue and  the impact of it are compelling us to think  about it .

Time to Generate Water

Current year of 2016-17 is facing  heavy downpour with high intensity of  rain fall. That  is  resulting in  flood  in most of the states  including pathetic condition in states like Bihar, Orissa ,Chhattisgarh and adjoining areas. Most of the structures are drowned in heavy floods. The water harvesting structures are not even visible. Under these scenario, the effectiveness of the water harvesting structures has gone down.

Lots of investment are being made in constructing the water harvesting structures  to tap the rain water. With climatic changes, the investment done is not being justified . The  focus has to be made more in generating water through rivers . The climate change  are pressurizing us to think for alternatives for better access to water. Especially the farmers requirement for irrigation can better be met through linking rivers .

Linking rivers – How effective it can be ?

Linking rivers is  one of the option left. It is the Only way to  generate water. A Network of rivers  can be created by having a viable plan to link two, three or more rivers according to the geographical suitability . This way a possibility to better access to water especially for irrigation purpose can be meet out . Mahanadi-Godavari link has already  been done . Likewise, the further planning for linking rivers are in progress

Most of the rivers flowing in north are perennial and  has throughout the year flow. whereas unlike northern river , the peninsular rivers are not perennial. This has  further widen  the scope for  linking the  rivers.

The works is already been taken up  in Prime ministers flag ship programme of Pradhan Mantri   Krishi Sinchai Yojana ( PMKSY) .The broad vision is to generated water  through linking rivers.  The generated water through linking rivers will be managed to  reach the farmers in distant and remote places. The surplus water in an area widens the scope of distribution to other areas . It will help to full fill the much needed Agriculture & Horticulture requirements of Har khet ko pani per drop more crop.

With successful implementation of integrated approach in Agriculture now it’s the time to move ahead with integration and linking of rivers.



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