Carbon Management in Watershed Management

Carbon Management in Watershed Management

Carbon, in excess in atmosphere is causing pollution and climate changes. Carbon in the form of carbon dioxide is major green house gas that is responsible for ongoing climate changes.

Watershed management has a big role to plan in managing the atmospheric carbon so as to reduce the adverse effects of excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Watershed management has to make an understanding of magnitude of the changes in the climate especially within reference to rainfall and temperature.

Agriculture sector as a whole is sensitive to climate variability and hence is one of the most vulnerable sectors to climate change.

Lets! Put the atmospheric carbon……… back in to the soil
                            Lets! Put the atmospheric carbon……… back in to the soil

Watershed management should take all necessary measure to put the excessive atmospheric carbon back in to the soil through various watershed interventions. Increasing the bio mass in the soil is one such means through which the atmospheric carbon can be transferred back in to the soil.

The poor section people located in geographically challenged regions are the most affected groups that are affected by climate change. These poor section people are already surviving in areas that are having sub optimal productive capacity. Any further changes in the climate makes their conditions more worsen.

Certainly! Time has reached to have better understanding of carbon dynamics and its further management in the ecosystem


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