Monitoring and Evaluation – Role in Watershed Management…………

Monitoring and Evaluation

No doubt Planning and Execution are two important aspects of any Watershed Programme. With time ,When question comes about Success of Watershed Programme , It certainly just can’t be fulfilled just by executing a Watershed Plan .It definety needs an acceleration that in turn helps in adding the spice of effectiveness. The real output needs effectiveness of executed plan . Monitoring and Evaluation are 2 important tools that provide the required thrust of effectiveness to the output .This way, it paves the way to achieve success in real sense in a Watershed Programme.

Lets discuss some Significance of Monitoring and Evaluation in terms of measurement to the success through its Benchmarking & indicators.

  • Investment Justified

Whenever any Watershed intervention is executed, It is expected that some betterment over existing condition will be achieved but success should be investment justified. Monitoring and evaluation ensures the significance of intervention and ensures that impact of the intervention is justified in terms of investment done and output achieved.

money management
Any small/fraction of improvement over the baseline seems to be success But real success lies in real potential of the investment done
  • Long term Sustainability 

Achievement made through any intervention may look success in short run. However, long run Sustainability is the ultimate goal of any Watershed Project . Monitoring and Evaluation ensures a long term Sustainability of an intervention in Watershed project made.

statistics of growth
small / fraction of improvement may be success for short term and may not be in long run.
small / fraction of improvement may be success for short term and may not be in long run.
    • Ensures Accountability

Monitoring and evaluation, through Set of   indicators and its benchmark value ensures accountability to reach at least to minimum acceptable performance that in turns help in achieving project Performance.

    • Ensures Management 

Monitoring and evaluation ensures to have an eye on Process Management system. This way provides a Process based management frame work. This in turns help in realizing and achieving the goals of the Watershed programme . That acts as Management for implementer s.

Ensures Management
    • Ensures a Corrective Tool 

Monitoring and Evaluation through its benchmarks & indicators provide an opportunity  for corrective measure well in time , if done during mid term of watershed project. This way reveals the gap ,if any Thereby, helps to track the performance and ensures to keep the Watershed project on right track .



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