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Watershed Management –Managing various Securities in Watershed


Watershed Management – Securities

Watershed management has a big challenge to enhance the livelihood of inhabitants in Watershed  along with maintaining an efficient use of the existing natural resources.

Until and unless various securities of watershed are addressed properly in a watershed programmes, no watershed programme can reach its desired goal.

Watershed management through its various interventions ensures that the various securities are addressed in a significant manner

Three Main Securities linked with the population residing in watersheds are

Agriculture is one such component of watershed management that takes care of all these securities under one umbrella.

Watershed management mobilize the farmers to adopt various new technologies in such a way that they can ensure their food security

The production technologies of horticulture crops including Various fruits and vegetables are taken up in watershed programme so that along with the nutritional value of food grains, the farmers can have access to various essential protein, vitamins and carbohydrates in their diet.

Securities in watershed area
                                                           Securities for population in Watershed 

Watershed management, further through its various livelihood enhancement activities ensures better income by the farmers. It takes care of marketing and agribusiness of various harvested produce and ensures viable marketing linkages & efficient supply chain management

In watershed, the production is not only the main factor rather its collection, storage and distribution are the major factors. Hence, along with the production, it is important to enhance the production use efficiency of the harvested produce. This way all the securities i.e. food security, nutritional security and socio-economic security can be addressed.

That’s how the Watershed management has a significant role in addressing various securities of population residing in a watershed.


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