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Nursery raising as an appealing agribusiness intervention


Nursery raising

Nursery raising is becoming an appealing agribusiness intervention that is attracting the farmers. The farmers are getting good earning through sale of seedlings. Most of them are finding it more profitable than production of vegetables

Nursery raising in open conditions
    Nursery raising in open conditions

Some of the farmers grow surplus seedlings. Use the required seedlings for own vegetable production and sell the surplus seedlings in remunerative price. This way they ensure quality seedling for their farm production

Method of nursery raising

Method of nursery raising decides the profitability in agribusiness. Portray method of nursery raising in hi-tech poly house is one of the best method. In place of soil, a combination of coco peat, perlite and vermiculite is used.

The trays are of two types –

  1. Portray (black in colour) and

  2. Thermal tray(white in colour)


The thermal tray contains the portray having equal holes. The seeds are sown in holes of portray

Coco peat + Perlite + vermiculite are a best combination as substrate/media.

  • Coco peat has good water holding capacity.
  • Perlite allows better aeration.
  • Vermiculite provides lightweight support to seedlings as they emerge provides a healthy environment for the root system.

Steps in nursery raising in soil less culture

  1. Mix Coco peat, Perlite, Vermiculite these three in ratio of 3:1:1
  2. Fill the portrays with above combination of mixture
  3. Go for 1cm depth in media in each hole of the tray
  4. Sow the seed and press gently. Seed should be placed horizontally and not vertical

(Beauty of using portray –Unlike in open conditions, in portray there is almost 100% germination.)

Beauty of using portray
                                                           Combination of media
  1. Just place a layer of vermiculite over the portray.
  2. The seed coat breaks in 2-3 days. Go for irrigation
  3. Provide light irrigation.
  4. Put the portray on Nursery stand (it has holes in bottom for adequate aeration and allowing any excessive fertilizer to move out.

Types of irrigation(Fertilizers can be given with Irrigation)

Two types of irrigation:-

  1. Manual irrigation (it is time consuming)

  2.  Boom irrigation (it is automatic)

In about 25 days, the seedlings will be ready for transplanting. Root formation is very healthy and nice. Unlike nursery in open condition, the root will not break while transplanting.



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