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Organic farming –way back – traditional methods – moving step ahead


Organic farming –A way back to traditional methods or moving a step ahead

In organic farming, there is more dependency on farm based inputs like Farm yard manure,compost etc. Does it mean that  we are going back to traditional method?

Traditional method
                                                             Back to Traditional method or moving a step ahead ?

Yes! it gives a picture in mind as if we are returning back to our traditional methods. But certainly ! it is not the truth. Infact we are moving a step ahead

Organic agriculture should not be viewed as traditional method of agriculture .It is different from traditional method.

Organic farming is the modern approach to farming. Most of the traditional methods of agriculture are still significant and  are in use by  the farmers. In organic farming, the farmers are using these methods along with the upcoming new & modern scientific knowledge.

So, organic farming is the combination of some significant traditional farming methods and the upcoming new & modern scientific knowledge.

Organic farming is infact a system of farming in which a balance between nature and farming is established. All available upcoming knowledge and techniques is combine with the significant method of traditional farming so as to have sustainable production .

organic farming
organic farming

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