Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Boosting Agribusiness by Ecommerce

India is walking towards Digital Era. A small and simple example of providing E commerce solution to sleeping agriculture is given below :

Agribusiness strategy- Overcoming business tragedy

Agribusiness strategy Agribusiness strategy is vital in overcoming business tragedy. Agribusiness strategy in turn decides the success of agribusiness interventions. It includes the comprehensive...

Agribusiness – its Significance in Watershed Management

Agribusiness - its Significance in Watershed Management Watershed management term itself signifies managing the water and other related natural resources. Agribusiness has a significant role in...

Agribusiness-Success through on farm input production

Agribusiness is an off-farm activity. It is dependent on-farm activities especially for availability of raw material i.e. Production. It is important not just to...

Empowering Farmers Through Agribusiness: Transforming Lives and Livelihoods

Empowering farmers through agribusiness can be a game-changer in the economic and social development of rural communities. Farming is a way of...

M Agribusiness

               PART-II What is M Agribusiness ? E-Agribusiness can be defines as a a form of business in which both...