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Managing a Watershed

How to manage a watershed ? Watershed management needs all the factors to be taken in to account before finalizing the plan. It is not...

Organic Horticulture – Role in Watershed Management

Why to focus on Organic Horticulture? The blind use of chemical pesticides is engulfing the nutritious sector of Horticulture. ...

Equity and Climate change in Watershed Management

Equity is an important term in Watershed Management. With the upcoming issues of global Warming and climate change the equity is becoming more significant. What...

Land Capability Class

Land Capability Classes(LCC) List of Classes:-  

Hydrological Units

Hydrological Units Watersheds has hydrological units . These hydrological units are based on the area covered by these units Broadly the watersheds can be classified as: classification...

Role of Entry Point Activities(EPA) in Watershed Management

What is an EPA ? EPA is acronym for Entry Point Activity. These are the Project initiation activities that make the Village community feel...