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Managing a Watershed


How to manage a watershed ?

Watershed management needs all the factors to be taken in to account before finalizing the plan. It is not sufficient in watershed planning to concentrate on solely either on technical measures or on human interaction .Instead the importance of both these factors has to be taken into consideration.

At the planning stage itself, the support and active Community participation of the local people should be ensured .Along with it building the confidence is equally important

Effective Watershed Plan

For a Watershed planning to be effective , it is important that the people are made aware  and educated so that empowerment of villagers can be done .The implementing agency should take the responsibility  to make people aware about the various developmental issues . A Proper holistic approach is required to incorporate about the resource utilization .Empowerment of people at village level through organizing them in groups plays a vital role in effective planning

watershed planning
                                  watershed planning


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