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Manage Water

Manage Water - Watershed Management Watershed management has no such direct formula rather the management strategy depends on prevailing situation of a particular area ....

Managing a Watershed

How to manage a watershed ? Watershed management needs all the factors to be taken in to account before finalizing the plan. It is not...

Understanding Initial requirements in a watershed project…………………..

Initial mile stones in watershed projects The initial mile stones in success of any watershed programme are 1. Orientation 2. Capacity building 3. Training & Exposure The Requirements is...

Gender issue -Significance in Watershed Management Programmes

Gender issue In any Watershed  development project, Gender is an  important variable  that has socioeconomic significance  in analyzing and describing the aspects like  :- ...

Watershed Approach in efficient Watershed management

The Watershed management manages the watershed with various watershed interventions. The suitability of a particular watershed intervention depends on existing environment. The existing environment is...

Watershed Management- A management tool & technique

Watershed Management - A Management Tool and technique: Conserving the environment and its resources is based on a thorough understanding of all the aspects of watershed....