Watershed Approach in efficient Watershed management

Watershed Approach in efficient Watershed management

The Watershed management manages the watershed with various watershed interventions. The suitability of a particular watershed intervention depends on existing environment.
The existing environment is mainly govern by prevailing climatic condition .The existing natural resources plays an important role in selection of watershed treatment.

Watershed Approach in watershed management
                             Watershed Approach in watershed management

The watershed approach is the main focus of Watershed management. A correct approach helps in successful watershed management.
The approaches of watershed management includes:-
                                                    “Top to down approach /Ridge to valley approach”
It ensures that the upper area in a watershed is treated first and then watershed treatment is done down to the watershed boundary  in  a sequential manner.
If upper catchment is not treated first and treatment is done in down ward region then there is every possibility that silt from upper side can fill the water harvesting structures thereby, reducing the efficiency of water harvesting structure.
Hence, it is important to follow standard approach of watershed management.


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