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Organic Horticulture – Role in Watershed Management


Why to focus on Organic Horticulture?

  • The blind use of chemical pesticides is engulfing the nutritious sector of Horticulture.
  • The fruits and vegetables that are taken as important source of vital vitamins & minerals are getting poisonous with the load of chemicals. It’s a serious concern

What to focus of Organic Horticulture?

organic horticulture
                       organic horticulture
  • In organic horticulture, the focus is to nourish the soil with nutrients.
  • The nutrients are provided to soil and not as such directly to tree
  • So the focus of organic horticulture is on keeping the soil healthy

Healthy soil for Organic Horticulture –Its indicators

  1. Presence of Sufficient soil carbon /carbonic material
  2. Presence of Beneficial microorganism
  3. Proper air circulation and Water holding capacity

Also, when soil and plant will be healthy then there will be almost negligible/non significant pest and disease attack

Kinds of Manures to keep Soil healthy

Different kinds of manures are used to keep the soil healthy Example-

  • NADEP compost
  • Cow dung manure
  • Bio dynamic compost and
  • Vermicompost

Each of this manure has its own significance on organic horticulture


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