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Watershed Developmental Projects and Scientific Research – Linkages


Scientific Research!

What  a Watershed Project Implementer thinks  ?

Incorporation of new technology  will  surely fine tune the watershed  interventions but it’s a time based project …..the outcome has to be reflected with in project period.

Scientific Research!

What  a Researcher thinks?

It  needs a continuous  patience and  dedication to have a coordination and   linkage of ideas to yield a innovation and technique. It may  take long time to have an effective research output.

Research and developmental Sector – What Conclusion can be drawn?

  • Research need a Continuous dedication with sufficient time to transfer ideas in to innovation and Technology
  • Developmental Projects like Watershed Project focuses more on output in stipulated project period

Research and Developmental Sector – Why there is a need to think over combinedly?

  • In some cases it may be seen that because of one or other reason, the technical aspects are often overlooked in Watershed Projects.
  • If a Water storage tank has to be constructed in a Watershed Village then site selection is back bone for the success. The site selection has to be based on the Parameters like run off ,drainage pattern , Water yield, rain fall and slope etc.Any overlooking of these basic techniques results in failure of the intervention.

Research and Developmental sector- What’s the fact ?

  • Adaptation of new technologies and innovations are must for Success of any Watershed Projects.
  • The impacts of NRM based  Watershed intervention like an increase in  ground water recharge through Check dam construction are visible generally on long term basis. Certainly there is no short cut to it
  • Quite often any delay in availability of raw materials or shortage of time in work completion can create hurdle in  timely output.

Research and developmental sector -How to maintain a balance ?

  • First of all; as both are Interrelated but different aspects. One is related to research and other with developmental sector , So the essence of both are significant
  • Both are infact 2 sides of a coin and hence combination of both these sides provides a value to human development
  • While executing a Watershed intervention, It is wise and recommendable too to have a full utilization of available technologies.
  • At least minimum tools and technique requires for executing a interventions should be taken care .Negligence, if any, can results in failure .

    Research and Development - Balance for Success
    Research and Development – Balance for Success
  • Watershed projects are social developmental projects and not research based projects so, the Watershed implementer, sometime due to some or other constraints may not be able to follow all the technical aspects .But again, Watershed implementer should ensure to consider at least all the minimum basic  required tools and techniques before shaping and executing any intervention.
  • Some Watershed interventions should be selected in such a way that it reflects short term and direct impacts.  For Example -Entry point activities and Demonstration should cover all  such  interventions that reflects short term and direct impact. Likewise, Some Watershed interventions should be selected in such a way that it reflects Long term  and indirect impact. For Example -Watershed work phase  should cover all  such  interventions that reflects long term and indirect impacts.


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