E commerce approach towards E Agribusiness for Watershed evolution

E Agribusiness -E commerce approach

Some learning about Agribusiness:

sustainable agriculture to sustainable agribusiness a journey through watershed management

agribusiness under umbrella of watershed management


What is E Agribusiness ?

Computer science or we can say Information Technology plays a great role in giving  the competitive edge to  the goods and services in a worldwide market. Agriculture domain is also not untouched by Information Technology. In India Agriculture is one of the main source of livelihood . So, a new IT based techniques and trends are needed to explore market for agriculture .E-Agribusiness can be defines as a a form of business in which both parties i.e buyer and seller interacts electronically (off course here on internet) rather than physically meeting on a common platform which is time consuming process.


Some of the Key advantages  of  E Agribusiness are:-

Some advantages of E Agribusiness
                                                           Some advantages of E Agribusiness


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