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Global Warming & Climate Change – Role of Developed Nations


Global warming, climate change and the role of Developed nations

Global warming, climate change and the role of Developed nations are very much interrelated issues. The stock of green house gases generated by the developed nations for the economic growth is the basic cause of global warming and climate change. It should now be the duty of these developed nations to manage the upcoming challenges of   Global warming and climate change. The developed nations have to go for cooperation among them to ease out the biggest crisis of Global warming and climate change on the planet earth.

Urgency for shifting towards mechanisms for reduction in Co2 emission

Kyoto protocol

Kyoto protocol was the result of many rounds of negotiations by industrialized nations. The agreement for the Kyoto protocol by the industrialized nations came at very later stage of its initiation. Finally, as a part of Kyoto protocol, the developed and industrialized nation came to an agreement of cutting down the emission just by 5.2% of 1990 level by 2008-12. The story not ends here. The commitment made by the industrialized nations in Kyoto protocol is nowhere near to the reality .The countries like Sweden, the UK and Germany made some cut in their emission but overall situation of Kyoto protocol in reduction of emission is not praiseworthy. The want for energy is increasing day by day with increase in population. A lack of trust worthy commitment has resulted in its failure.Clean development mechanism (CMD) came in to existence during the time when the Kyoto protocol negotiations was on. This was an attempt made to have transition by the developing nations. But this also was failed to get materialized in true sense.


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