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Enhancing market potential


Enhancing market potential is required to expand the profitability and sustainability in agribusiness

Market potential
                                                  Market potential

It is important to understand the existing trend & the fact to enhance the market potential for agribusiness

Existing trend

Consumer believes in existing brand i.e. the produce in use by most of the nearby consumers.

Existing Fact

Change cannot be done overnight and diverting the consumer towards new product is definitely a big challenge

Way forward in enhancing market potential

  • Focus on creating a brand name

    Off season vegetable in Hills –scope of enhancing market potential
    Off season vegetable in Hills –scope of enhancing market potential
  • Organize small stall  to have theoretical explanation about nutritional quality of new produce/product  to be launched
  • Small sample of the produce can be given to consumers on trial basis ex finger millet flour. Make a packing of 250 gm finger millet flour and facilitate the consumer to add it in their usual consuming wheat flour or any other flour in use by them.

Creating potential market for niche products in hills

  • Create awareness among the consumers about nutrition quality of the produce
  • Create interest among primary stake holders/farmers for cultivation of these niche products
  • Provide market channels and supply chain.



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