Irrigation for agriculture – How Efficient it is ?


Irrigation is important component that decides the fate of production from the land .In some part of the India, there is ample of irrigation facility and in other areas the farmers are still dependent on rains for irrigation. The rainfed areas are having big hurdle in efficient utilization of land.

Flood system vs Drip system of Irrigation
Flood system vs Drip system of Irrigation

Efficient Utilization

It is important to have efficient utilization of water for irrigation .Flood irrigation is traditional method .It give good production. But certainly it is not an efficient method as it has no efficient utilization of production.  The same production can be taken with comparatively

Drip irrigation- a need for an effective irrigation
Drip irrigation- a need for an effective irrigation

less irrigation water. It is important to understand that it’s not the land which required the water but it’s the roots of the plant that infact has to be nourished with water and nutrients.  Ultimately it helps in uptake of the nutrient.

Micro irrigation 

 Drip irrigation is micro irrigation system. It has given the concept of per drop more crop. The slogan –per drop more crop itself justify the efficiency of micro irrigation system of irrigation. Watershed approach in area development give emphasis
on conversion of rained areas in to irrigate. In rainfed areas, micro irrigation is very effective in conversion of rainfed areas in to irrigate.

When arrangements of irrigation is water is established din rainfed areas then efficient utilization stored /collected water is must .Under such conditions, the drip system of irrigation helps in irrigating large area with comparatively less quantity of water. This way the land can be utilized to its maximum.

The cropping intensity will be increased and it will further increase the Land use efficiency.


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