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Migration from Village watershed


In Village watershed in hills, migration is becoming a major challenge. Everybody thinks for own betterment. Almost most of us have migrated from a place to other in want of better amenities.  However migration is not justified as long as it is  distress  i.e if the migration is not economical and further adds a pressure on the cities then it is not a justified migration and comes under distress migration.

A farmer having organic potato cultivation in a village watershed in Hills
A farmer having organic potato cultivation in a village watershed in Hills

The spark of city attract the villagers and compels them to search and earn their livelihood in cities.

It is important to understand the significance of migration. In village watershed, there is every possibility to be explored in field of agriculture. Agriculture is a business of profit. Earlier too much use of chemical fertilizers pesticides/weedicides/herbicides has increased the input cost .As a result the income was equal or  some time even less than the input cost. Hence the agriculture was taken  as a business of loss.

In cities the consumers are more heath conscious. They understand that maintaining health in cites is a challenge with increasing pollution and unsafe and adulterated food. Hence, demand for organic produce and foods are increasing day by day. This opens a new way and opportunity for the farmers in village for organic production.

watershed area in hills
                                  watershed area in hills

By adopting a watershed approach in village it is possible to make a better plan. It offers a opportunity for efficient utilization of natural resources for maximizing the output

In rainfed areas in village watershed, the watershed interventions like ponds, check dams and other NRM activities can enhance the availability of water for irrigation

The inputs requires for organic agriculture is generally available with the farmers in village itself. Hence, the farmers have the opportunity to go for on farm input production like Vermicompost, FYM, Vermiwash and Panchgavya etc.

Further the organic produce in market has more demand .This way the farmers can get better returns with viable market linkages and efficient supply chain management.

The villagers can get better returns in village itself .Hence, it is not wise to have distress migration in search for livelihood in cities when there is better opportunity in village itself for better returns.


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