Traditional crops – significance in Agribusiness

Traditional crops – significance in Agribusiness

Significance of SWOT Analysis in Agribusiness

It is always wise to be with the strength of an area especially when it has to be linked with agribusiness. Along with it, analyze the weakness and go for its corrective measures, exploit the available opportunities and take threats as challenges .That’s the best way of utilizing SWOT Analysis done for a given village.

Traditional crops

The districts adjoining to Himalayan tracts in India like in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are in practices of cultivation traditional crops. Finger Millet/ Ragi (Maduwa), Ramdana (Chuwa/Chowlai), Horse gram (kulthi/Gahat), Foxtail millet /Madira (Jhingora) are some of the traditional crops that are still grown in hills of Uttarakhand. Apart from it; Red rice of Purola block in Uttarakhand and Bhatt (Black Soybean) of Almora district in Uttarakhand are important traditional crops.

Traditional crops –its strength

Traditional crops still has high value as compared to upcoming hybrid varities and high value vegetable crops. The traditional millets and other traditional crops are good source of nutritional aspect along with generating good income. So, it is wise to understand the strength of the area and go with the cultivation of traditional crops then to only think for alternatives of growing high value vegetable crops.

Declining trend of Traditional crops

Madua (Ragi)
Madua (Ragi)

Cultivation of traditional crops is on decline with time. The significance of these crops should be realized by the current generation. It is not simply millets rather its high value millets even more valued than high value vegetable crops .It is important to create awareness among the people /consumers about benefits of consuming millets. This will create new and potential markets for the traditional crops .This way farmers /producers of Millets can tap potential market and can get better value of their harvested produce.  It also addresses the much required nutritional and food security aspects.

Red rice of Uttarakhand

Red rice is grown as Traditional Crop at Purola block of Uttarkashi district in Uttarakhand state .It has wide significance especially for diabetic patient.

Red rice
Red rice

In general, Rice is not a recommended food for diabetic patients but the diabetic patient fond of eating rice can switch over to red rice as a substitute for Rice.

All this can be taken as better Agribusiness opportunities by the farmers by creating and tapping potential markets.



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