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Market Stabilization


Market Stabilization

  1. Along with MSP, it is equally  important to emphasis on  Market Stabilization. The govt. machineries should intervene in the issue like  price stabilization.
  2. A check should be put on-
    • Market manipulation,
    • Black marketing and
    • Even any Unwanted political foul playing .
  3. In absence of effective implementation and regulation of MSP , the local farmers gets in to the trap of the middleman .The middleman makes the profit .This way the market get destabilize and hence there is price fluctuation Effective implementation and regulation of MSP can reduce the involvement of middle man and hence helps in preventing markets destabilization

    Market stabilization
    Market stabilization
  4. To stabilize the market ,Productivity has to increase. In India productivity is 30-40% less of what it should be . If Productivity is  increase even by 15% or so,  the market can better  be Stabilized .
  5. The other way to stabilize the market is through Wayada bazaar as started by earlier BJP govt. If govt. fails to purchase, The Wayada bazaar can purchase at near MSP price from farmers .This way also a big thrust to Market stabilization can be channelized .


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