Weeds- Wanted or unwanted ?

Weeds- Wanted or unwanted ?

Nature has some rules

Nature has some rules. We have to understand and digest it. Nature only gives and hardly takes any thing. But certainly when it comes to take, nature takes away even the life, if their cycles get disturbed in a big way. So, Nature has some rules, one of the rules is that nature has created life on earth for helping its creation.weeds is one such natural growth of the soil  that is questionable as far as concerned to its significance.It is wanted or unwanted is matter of discussion .However in general weeds are taken as unwanted in cultivation aspect.  

Nothing is meant to harm its creation but it’s the human interventions which disturb the nature and hence natural things become harmful for its creation.

Do we really understand that nature has some rules to be followed? Certainly a big question!

Naturally soil has a cover of weeds
Naturally soil has a cover of weeds

The nature’s way

The nature’s ways of carving the land with its vegetation in the form of weeds are infact the most preferred species directly selected and seeded by the nature.The natures selection signifies that weeds are wanted and required in the biodiversity

The nature’s way of upbringing the weeds infact is helpful to the other targeted crop as long as they do not over shadow them .    

The original children of soil

The original children of soil are Weeds. They are infact wanted in the nature and hence flourish under natural care.The crops that human being cultivated on soil for their needs are infact the adopted children of the soil. The original children of soil offer substantial opportunities for the farmers to cope up with the existing farming conditions. Weeds the term when comes in mind creates a scene that oh! It’s harmful.

Is it really harmful one in totality? Certainly not!           

As long as they do not over shadow the crops.It’s important to understand the way the original children of soil i.e. weeds are helpful

Soil erosion

Soil erosion is a big issue in crop cultivation .Weeds has big role in preventing soil erosion .After rains, the Weeds rapidly covers the bare ground. The weeds forms the vegetation and prevent the rain drop from direct hitting to the soil .This creates a barrier to soil erosion.

Further the weeds with its root tightly bind the soil. This again helps in preventing soil erosion. This signifies that weeds are certainly wanted species in nature.

Evaporation &Temperature maintenance

Evaporation &Temperature maintenance are important for cultivation of crops. The evaporation is much reduced by the weed cover .This prevents from reduction of water loss from the soil.

This inturn helps in proper temperature maintenance of the soil. The temperature maintenance helps the surface and subsurface microorganism to better survive in the soil.So, definitely weeds are never taken as unwanted species. 

Aeration, moisture absorption & Retention and Mineral nutrient

Aeration, moisture absorption &Retention and mineral nutrient availability are the important role that weeds execute during its growth life cycle. The roots help in providing proper aeration for the underground microorganism by making passage inside the soil.

The passage made by the weeds in due course help in moisture absorption and retention. All this inturn makes an environment that is conducive for the action by microorganisms in providing much needed mineral nutrient to the soil through decomposition of the old and aged weeds.Weeds are much wanted species and hence selected and grow under natures care. 


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